Q: What is Row-n-Go Bike?
A: It is a regular bicycle which can switch to a rowing bike just by a click

Q: How heavy the 1620 Row-n-Go Bike?
A: 55 lb

Q: What is rider weight limit? 
A: 220 lb as suggested, ever test on 300 lb person but not recommended, due to rowing, you may put your body weight on the 12" front crank, that mean 220 ft-lb torque, lots of torque on rowing post, all shafts, bearings and bike frame all to the rear wheel to drive bicycle forward. 
Note: compare a car tire bolts tighten only around 80 ft-lb torque.

Q: How it can rowing while still steering?
A: it use a U joint for solid turning and separate turning and swing power.

Q: How could a rider be balancing Row-n-Go Bike like a regular bicycle? 
A: the principle of a bicycle balance is: by steering left and right to shift rider’s weight center keeping with in the bicycle two wheels center line. For example, if you feel bicycle tip to right side, your reflection turn steering to right and keep rider weight fall back in 2 wheel's center line and process continue to keep the balance. Row-n-Go bike keep same concept, when rowing handlebar, the handlebar post always moving with in the two tire's center line, even during turning handlebar (refer to the picture showed), so rider balance its weight same as a regular bicycle, no difference! so if you could rid a bicycle, you should be able to ride Row-n-Go bike.

Q: what is rider age range?
A: General speaking 15 to 40 are ideal age. Over 55 years old, the joint has worn and mussel recovery not like young guy, just need to aware workout not to use full power in cycling, instead by longer time breathing easy mode. That is why Row-n-Go Bike adding motor to make working load selection and longer range riding. 

Q: What is Row-n-Go Electric Bike?
A: Row-n-Go Electric Bike use a Row-n-Go Electric Bike adding a 350W motor on center crank chain and provides INDEPENDENT driving power on rear wheel, and let derailleur speed change to all useful gears.

Q: why an exercise bike needs a motor to help exercise?
A: Rowing action are very heavy workout much more than bicycling, usually it could last only 5 minute if in heavy work out, even in light workout still arm and leg be tired in a limited distance (about 0.3mile). Old person’s joints been worn out by the aging that would not good to use full rowing power, so use motor to help some load to a suitable rowing workload level this make be able riding longer distance example 10 miles depend battery size to shopping and exercise at same time.

Q: Some people see this motorize in rowing bike may say CHEATING! 
A: There is NO CHEATING HERE! A rehab person who use crutch to walk is not cheating. People use gun fight against beast is not cheating. We driving car instead of walking is not cheating. It just everybody has a different condition and different needs. Your assume condition should not superimpose to others condition. I guarantee no one can do rowing by man power alone for half hour without a break also the next day mussel pain will last for 3 days, that consequence will miss the fun of rowing on street. 

Q: how much Row-n-Go Electric Bike weight?
A: without battery 70 lb, the detachable battery box inside  contain two 18AH sealed lead battery weight 27 lb. I recently use Lion battery feel much better just cost more.

Q: how to control motor speed:
A: right thumb press a spring back level to create variable speed, the deeper the faster, the shallower slower.

Q: could I be able to rowing/peddling with motor a little on while turning?
A: the motor drive is an independent driving on chain, you can combine any action together if you are skillful, just be more careful for your own safety reason.

Q: how many mile the battery last:
A: two 18AH lay down in the battery box could last bike around 12 miles full electric, it will last longer with manpower exercise help. New test on Lifepo4 24V 20AH will run 20 Miles.



I ride every day 10 minute by gear 6 in deep breath on every peddling cycle, set left hand lock to no.3 position to get full stroke as  5 second / cycle for 30 peddling cycles, then use right thumb control electric to keep me in a acceptable load for another 80 cycles that sometime concentrate on hand push+leg pull, sometime on hands pull + feet push, this is best for body full energy all day, sleep very well at nignt, body weight keep at 136# for 5'8" 65 year old man.

Upack and installation instruction:

1. Place the box standing-up at vertically to make it easier to get it out of the shipping box, open box seams and grab the rear-triangle-frame portion (not wood frame) as pictured, drag the whole unit out of the shipping box, then lay it down horizontally as next 2 picture indicated.




2. Take off long wood 2x2 protect frames by unscrewing all screws holding those 2x2 wood packing supporting material



3. Remove 4 screws that hold two 2x4 to the front plywood and losen the front fork bolt with a 9/16 wrench and lower the plywood to the ground. Take off all hanging shipping parts then twist the handlebar left lock/unlock shifter to position 3 and swing the handlebar up (see next note), also wiggle the two 2x4 stubs and remove them. now it will be like the picture 

Note: When you twist the handlebar left-hand-side lock/unlock to position 3 and move the handlebars to a vertical position, then twist the shifter back to position 1, when you move the bars backward, they will lock themselves into position.

4. Unpack and examine all the hanging parts:

1. the front wheel;

2. the seat with post;

3. four pedals;

4. a vertical bar with quick release clamp;

5 two front cranks;


Install front wheel: Make sure the lock washer pin is in the fork locking hole before you tighten the lock nut.  

Install vertical bar and handlebar, Quick release clamp's little key should be on the back side, fitting in both the vertical-bar's long slot and in one split of the cross-split-hollow-pipe into which the vertical bar inserts. (as next pictured)

Install the seat post and make sure the seat angle adjustment screw is very tight to prevent angle change while riding;



Install front brake line wire on brake pad level..




Finished picture


For foot action, The Row-n-Go Bike has 2 sets of pedals, the front pedals connect with the handlebar rowing action, and the back pedals are like regular bicycle pedals; these two pedal actions all power the bike independently.


1. You can lock the handlebar (Left side grip Position 1) and only pedal on the regular pedals as a normal bicycle; this is the lightest work-out, exactly like regular bicycle exercise.

2. With your feet on the regular pedals you can add hand rowing, this is a better work-out than a regular bike, because you are using hand and foot power, even though you are still not using “full body weight” to power the bike yet; switch gears to feel the most comfortable cycling rhythm; recommended for most riding, elderly, or regular person for an aerobics exercise and a balanced muscle development.


3. You can use hand rowing with your feet on the front pedals; this is the best work-out by using “full body weight” to power the bike. Also, you must lift both your legs at the same time, which will work on your belly on each cycle to reduce waist size. Recommended only for fit riders and only for a short work out; muscle recovery will take longer, depending on the individual.

To ride Row-n-Go

1. ride in regular bicycle mode to get comfortable with your riding balance.


2. unlock the left side handlebar lock control and start to pull and push; remember: push all the way to positive stop then pull all the way to positive stop and try to get used to the riding balance; Also, each time you reverse direction, there is a backlash, be gentle until you touch the load before applying full power; if you can push all the way and hold for 5 seconds while still pedaling, you are past this stage, go to the next step


3. then while pushing forward, raise both legs and put your feet on the front pedals till you reach the front positive stop and then pull to clear backlash, then pull with your hands & push down with your feet at the same time till you reach the positive stop, then hand push while lifting both legs and continue in cycles. Remember: push all the way and pull all the way, you need to have full strokes to ride gracefully and correctly.
Also, during any of the above actions, you can adjust the work-out load (gears) by changing the derailleur speed; Remember, the derailleur will not shift immediately, it takes at least 2 stroke cycles to complete gear engagement.  It has 6 speeds (plus a 0 speed which is only for the purpose of moving the bike backward). Derailleur gear 1 is 34T, feeling very light for climbing hills, 2nd speed is 21T (a much different feeling load from speed 1), then 19T, 17T, 15T, gear 6 is 13T (fastest and heaviest load).


Row-n-Go is not designed for racing speed, or rainy day riding, it is for exercise, long aerobic breaths, heart health, reducing weight, sight-seeing enjoyment.

Safety check list before riding:

1. front and rear brake OK?

2. tire pressures OK?

3. handlebar vertical slide quick release lock very tight?

4. seat post quick release lock very tight?

5. seat angle lock bolt very tight?

6. front and rear pedals all tight?

7. Safety reflector or safety reflect vest, helmet?


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