1620 Row-n-Go Bike,

Free shipping in lower 48 States



Row-n-Go Rowngo 1620 Bike, Free Shipping for lower 48 States

only a limited quantity available. Email to for bike condition before purchase.


Light blue color available (Sky blue). 


1. Consider the benefits and lifetime cost, compared to a mortgage payment or one month's rent, the Row-n-Go bike is going to benefit your body, keep you fit and healthy and save you many doctor and hospital bills in the long run; Do it while you still can - start riding Row-n-Go a few minutes every day to build up your muscles, keep bones strong, and maintain your fit figure.


2. Rowing action in a bicycle is unique, more fun and more beneficial for exercise. Imagine every day in early morning, only 10 minutes rowing in your neighborhood area will benefit your body with all day stamina;


3. The added rowing function requires more parts. There are many specially-designed parts involved, not like a regular bicycle which just consists of a hollow tube frame. Row-n-Go contains many gears and bearings, multiple spline shafts, special frame, cast aluminum long crank, hand-made covers....  all at high cost.   

4. A regular bicycle has so much quantity in the world to reduce the manufacturing costs, imagine how long will it take the Row-n-Go bike to become popular enough  to lower the price, it may take 10 more years before that time comes; Life is short, time is money, it is better to enjoy it sooner just for your health's sake.

Trike, E Trike, 
E bike only by special order. 

for detail Email to:

Return policy:
By placing an order, the buyer agrees to pay return shipping costs and to return the item within 14 days to get a full refund (excluding $80 packing fee).  Please contact us before arranging to return for refund.

For riders below 198 pounds, we warranty the frame, gears, and structural parts for one year; Due to shipping distance, buyer agrees before purchase that it is his responsibility to hire a bicycle shop to do regular bicycle maintenance service such as derailleur speed adjustment ( or D.I.Y. normally only one adjustment screw), brake adjustment (D.I.Y), tire replacement (D.I.Y), or any warranty parts replacement (should rarely happen).

Buyer and rider accept full responsibility for their own safety; (wear personal safety and visibility vest/equipment while riding) and the safty of others if riding in public; and must comply with local government regulation while riding.    

Assembly and shipping:
Bike assembly is simple, just one screw on the handlebar, screw 4 pedales onto cranks (needs 15mm open end wrench), tighten 2 front crank bolts, put front wheel into fork and secure with 2 nuts and put seat post in frame. Due to Trike rear end being too big to ship, we will disassemble before shipping, Trike shipping will add an extra $100 for packing. Buyer also should hire a bike shop to assemble trike at his cost.

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