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US patent: 8118320

UK patent: GB2453643

Australia Patent:35383/00

Taiwan Patent: I327118

China Patent: 200810169674.9



Want to have  six pack abs or reduce your belly without surgery?

to stay fit easily?

to reduce your medical bills?

Want your children to grow up    stronger than others?


a convenience real workout daily is a key solution.


The  Row-n-Go ; rowngo

a convenience real workout, can do as much as you need!


10 minutes riding is like having done hundreds of push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups all together in only 10 minutes!                      


Rowngo Bike is a regular bicycle, just a click become a rowing bicycle!


Rowing exercise targets hands, arms, chest, stomach and legs, instead of only feet; A brand new way to power a bicycle, the unique rowing cycle action that raising up on both legs target on belly core in each peddling cysle.  works your belly subconsciously. This is the "secret diet" that keeps you fit naturally.... 

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Rowing action won't shock knee joints as jogging;


Rowing action will help grow up with stronger arms and a slim body.


Rowing action reduces weight, and keeps you fit naturally;


Rowing action reduces osteoporosis;


Rowing action improves cardiovascular health;


Rowing action is a great aerobic exercise;


Rowing action before sleep reduces insomnia suffering.


It looks like a bicycle, as compact as a bicycle, has solid steering like a bicycle, changes gears like a bicycle, goes as fast as a bicycle, rides as gracefully as a bicycle,...Yet, it's a better workout than a bicycle, more fun and exciting than a bicycle, It is a 




in short call as




The deep breath with slow motion in peddling cycle is different from the meditation which got too much oxygen cause headache.


With deep breath in a heavy exercise like “Rowngo peddling cycle” help usage of oxygen to body mussels and organs and feel full energy whole day and much healthier at long run.



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Use legs pulling to training core mussels while hands help to balance action.<< New text box >>